Monitor net ensuring Public Safety

May 26 2020 By JP Le Roux

On Monday morning a guard alerted our Emergency Control Centre of a suspect that had entered a residential premises, behind the business premises he is guarding, in the Lyttelton area. The guard kept visual on the suspect while our reaction members reacted swiftly. Upon arrival our members were shown the location of the suspect. The residents were ...

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Monitor Net Team working as one !

May 19 2020 By JP Le Roux

"The key to success ,is to focus on the goal and not the obstacles" During the early hours of this morning our Reaction members successfully detained a suspect. The suspect had already breached our clients business premises in the Hennopspark area. After multiple signals were received by our Emergency Control Centre , our reaction members were acti...

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Successful weekend for the Monitor Net Team

May 19 2020 By JP Le Roux

This past weekend was a fruitful one for the Monitor Net Reaction force... Three suspects were detained in the Centurion area and one suspect in the Brits area - for various crime related incidents. On Sunday morning one of our clients in Lyttelton informed our Emergency Control Centre of intruders on their property. Our reaction unit responded, ho...

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Sanitation of Monitor Net vehicles

May 19 2020 By JP Le Roux

Today the Monitor Team was spoilt by the "Smart Healthcare" team and "Wierda independent School." They generously came to sanitize some of our fleet, ensuring the safety of our staff members. Thank you is only a word and cannot be expressed how greatful we are for the kind gesture they have done. May you be blessed in abundance ! Thank you from the...

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Monitor net on high-alert

May 19 2020 By JP Le Roux

Centurion back on track and getting in shape after the implementation of stage 4. Enjoy the opportunity to get some exercise, and please wave at the Monitor Net Response officer keeping a watchful eye. Monitor Net - ALERT, ATTENTIVE, SMART SECURITY 

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Suspect detained for trespassing

May 04 2020 By JP Le Roux

On Sunday evening one suspect was detained for trespassing and contravention of the Covid-19 Lockdown Regulations. Our client informed our Emergency Control Centre of a suspect that had entered their premises. Our reaction units responded swiftly and upon arrival the suspect fled. Our officers, along with other security companies, searched the neig...

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Electric Fence

March 03 2020 By Veroshney Ramjas

Electric Fence installations are now part and parcel of our product range, and we have experts on board who not only provide you with a free risk assessment and quotation, but install this very effective perimeter protection and provide you with a COC(Certificate of compliance). Speak to our Sales consultants, and book a risk assessment today!  

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Elektriese heinings

March 06 2020 By Veroshney Ramjas

Elektriese heinings is nou deel van ons produktelys en ons het kenners op die gebied aanboord, wat u nie net met 'n gratis sekerheidsevaluasie en kwotasie sal bedien nie, maar 'n COC (Certificate of Compliance)  kan uitreik ná installasie. Gesels vandag nog met 'n Verkope verteenwoordiger en skeduleer 'n sekerheidsevaluasie! 

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High-Visibility Arrest

February 03 2020 By JP Le Roux

High visibility patrols led to the arrest of a shoplifter! Monitor Net Tactical Units were on visibility patrols in the Wierdapark area. During this time the manager of a well-known clothing store alerted our officer of an alleged suspect that stole merchandise from the store. Our officer immediately spotted the suspect and after a short chase, the...

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Monitor Net Birthday Celebration

February 03 2020 By Veroshney Ramjas

MONITOR NET TURNS 25! We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year.Yes, for a quarter of a century, we have been keeping people and property safe in the greater Centurion and Brits areas, with extraordinary success. It's no secret that criminals have devious minds and methods. For the past two-and-a-half decades, we have made it our business ...

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#ALERT #ATTENTIVE #SMART #SECURITY results in two arrests!

December 31 2019 By JP Le Roux

#ALERT #ATTENTIVE #SMART #SECURITY results in two arrests! Two suspects were arrested over the weekend by Monitor Net Reaction units. The one suspect was arrested for shoplifting on Saturday afternoon. Our client alerted our emergency control centre about the incident. With the swift response of our reaction unit and with assistance from the cl...

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Weekend Arrest

December 02 2019 By JP Le Roux

A successful weekend with two suspects behind bars... proudly made possible by Monitor Net's reaction units and SAPS   On Saturday morning, one suspect was detained for trespassing after he led a few security companies on a wild goose chase in the Wierdapark area. However, the determination of the Centurion crime-fighting machines led to him being...

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Big Brother is Watching !!!

November 22 2019 By JP Le Roux

The power of a functional CCTV system and the long arms of the Monitor Net Response Units saw a suspect behind bars after he stole a cell phone from a customer at a Filling station in Centurion yesterday. The customer was "pick-pocketed" by a thief that was unaware that his act was caught on CCTV. The helpful business manager shared the footage wit...

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Wierdapark Arrest

November 06 2019 By JP Le Roux

BOOOOM !!! The Centurion Crime-fighting machine is on a Roll... Two suspects arrested in a joint arrest by Monitor Net Reaction units and another security service provider. A complaint was received of break-in progress through the community security groups in Wierdapark and the action was ON !!! In record time both units stood off and arrested the ...

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Monitor Net Arrest

October 24 2019 By JP Le Roux

A suspect was detained in the early hours of this morning in the Lyttelton area.   Monitor Net Reaction teams responded swiftly and caught the suspect in the act, as he broke the perimeter fence at our client's premises. He attempted to enter our client's yard. The suspect was arrested and handed over to the officials of SAPS Lyttelton.   With th...

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AJAX Smart Security Systems

October 23 2019 By JP Le Roux

Monitor Net is proud to announce that we are now able to monitor all AJAX Smart Security Systems as from today!Should you wish to know more about this service, feel free to contact our Sales department at 0861 117 117 / ALERT ATTENTIVE SMART SECURITYMonitor Net

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Lyttelton Arrest

September 11 2019 By JP Le Roux

The Community of Centurion says no to CRIME!!! One suspect was detained yesterday, in Lyttelton for common robbery and assault, of a Young lady.Community members, along with Monitor Net intervened when the alleged suspect committed the crime. The suspect was arrested by Lyttelton SAPS and the matter is being investigated. Well done to the vigilant ...

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Heuweloord Arrest

September 03 2019 By JP Le Roux

For months Heuweloord had a problem with the manhole covers being stolen. Yesterday the alleged suspect's luck, ran out as he was detained in the act by MN Area manager and Reaction Units. The suspect was handed over and arrested by Wierdabrug SAPS. Well done to all role-players involved and Thank you to Wierdabrug SAPS for the assistance on the sc...

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Stolen goods recovered in Wierdapark

September 02 2019 By JP Le Roux

Last night our Reaction Unit in Wierdapark spotted a suspect walking with some equipment. When our reaction officer started questioning the suspect, he dropped all the equipment and ran off. We gave chase but did not manage to apprehend the suspect. Our reaction officer recovered the suspected stolen goods and managed to hand it in at Wierdabrug SA...

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SAPS OPS - Heuweloord

August 30 2019 By JP Le Roux

Last night a SAPS OPS was held along with TMPD, CPF members, Centurion Concerned Citizens patrollers, and security members. The OPS was conducted in the Heuweloord area with multiple stop and searches. Crime hotspots were searched and monitored. One suspect was arrested with narcotics in his position and TMPD issued multiple traffic fines to motori...

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