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Off-site CCTV monitoring

Smart ANPR CCTV system

Visibility patrols

Armed response

Highly skilled reaction units

24-hour advanced integrated emergency control centre

4-hour stand-by technical assistance

Secure MN Autonetics APP

When protecting a business- or commercial property, the risk analysis usually reveals unique challenges and requirements regarding the specific premises, and Monitor Net prides itself in combining intruder detection technology with state-of-the-art supervision and reporting, as to address the specific needs of the client.

The perfectly balanced combination between human and technological intervention not only protects valuable equipment and products but also the company’s most valued assets, namely its employees. Our clientèle varies from the local café to huge corporations, and personal service towards all clients is what places Monitor Net in a league of its own.


As a Monitor Net client, you have access to this advanced secure APP via your mobile phone. Providing information including:

Criminal stats

Look outs

Alarm alerts

CCTV visual alerts

System status

Innovating the future of security

At work. In any business environment, the safety of staff and the protection of valuable equipment are fundamentally important. With a different dynamic, we offer unique solutions protecting both staff and assets. This group of clientèle varies from corner cafés to huge corporations.

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