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Every service structure intertwines with each other in providing a holistic and effective service to the client. For this reason, it is critically important for every department to deliver professional and knowledgeable service which builds onto and compliments the next service structure. Simply put, you need the right product installed correctly for subsequent monitoring and armed response services to be effective.




We service everyone with pride. If you need security and systems for surveillance and safety in your home, for your business, or for operations in the retail environment, simply give us a call. We’ll be there in an instant to assess your needs and advise on the best systems to install, and the most cost-effective options and happily encourage you to compare our costs and services.


Even the greatest product solution is useless if not installed correctly. Besides our qualified technicians being experts in their own right, they furthermore strictly conform to installation techniques and double-checking procedures.


It’s about an always-up, always on and operating parameter that you depend on – so our stand-by personal and maintenance teams are always available, even after-hours in case of a repair and to make sure equipment does not let you down.


Our 24/7 operators are trained and our systems are geared for the right call first, fast. We don’t simply respond to an alarm and visual verification alerts. We respond to security situations, whilst calls are instant. Our operators are properly trained and having that calm reassuring voice during an emergency makes all the difference.


Our alarm monitoring ability includes a variety of signal types to ensure a better response that including;
• Duress (priority distress),
• Medical assistance required,
• Fire/gas alarm per zone (e.g. fire alarm in kitchen)
• Panic per zone (e.g. backdoor panic),
• Burglary per zone (e.g. alarm in the passage),

• Arm and disarm per user (e.g. armed by Elon),
• Low battery,
• Mains failure
• and more.

Naturally, the response process when receiving a “medical emergency” is different from that of receiving a “burglary alarm”.

All signals received by the control centre, simultaneously notifies the client ensuring a transparent service.


Providing advanced CCTV technology monitoring, our CCTV operators perform a combination of CCTV alerts that include;
• Alarm verification,
• Artificial Intelligence alert monitoring (also
known as black screen monitoring), performing;
– Human detection,
– Vehicle detection,

– Crowd detection,
– and more
• License plate recognition alert monitoring

All video alerts received by the control centre, simultaneously notifies the client ensuring a transparent service.


Whilst monitoring all incoming and performance related data, this structure provides daily feedback as to;
• Potentially faulty alarm and CCTV systems,
• User errors and incorrect system use,
• Over-active alarms,
• Exception reports,
• Turn-around time for incoming signals,
• Turn-around time for onsite response,

and more…

In all to ensure constant effectiveness from onsite product solution back to onsite response service.


Our suburbia size compared to our high number of response vehicles means that our reaction is not merely a ‘feel good’ marketing presence but serious in our actual service delivery to our clients.


Our people are well-trained and properly equipped and our fleet of vehicles is exceptionally maintained. This in addition to our high number of on the road vehicles is why we are known as a reliable safety net. Careful, responsible and in control – when and where you need us.


With extensive training that includes unarmed combat, knife techniques, tactical weapons, hostage negotiator, anti-hijack techniques and more leaves our S.T.O.P (Specialized Tactical Operations Personnel) unmatched. The S.T.O.P unit’s main function is to assist our clients and fellow officers in any high-risk or volatile situation. Besides this unit’s rigorous training standards, they are also equipped with the latest in-vehicle technology that enables them to assist our mobile APP clients in distress situations.


Knowing crime is associated with injuries and our client’s well-being our priority, medical assistance is imperative in providing an essential life-saving service.

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