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More issues raised on speeding in Ruimte Road

“Motorists continue to speed in Ruimte Road so we need a permanent and long-term solution.”

An Eldoraigne resident got a nasty surprise when a car smashed through her garden wall at her residence in Ruimte Road recently.

The accident happened last week Monday at around 21:15.

It was the fourth such accident in the area since 2015, according to resident Erika van der Westhuizen.

“We have been wanting authorities to put up speeding cameras and traffic signs in Ruimte Road for years now,” she said.

“Our garden and pool were also damaged not to mention our wall which created a security risk for everyone staying in our complex,” she said.

“Someone could have been seriously injured – or even killed.”

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Van der Westhuizen said her home was just a few metres from the wall and the car could easily have come right through her living room wall.

“Motorists speed all the time so we need a permanent and long-term solution.”

“We need help before somebody gets hurt.”


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