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Monitor Net reaction members strikes again!

In the early hours of Thursday morning,our Emergency Control Centre received a distress call from one of our clients in Valhalla.
The client informed us that there were intruders in their neighbour’s property.
Within seconds our response units stood off on scene, but the suspects fled already.
Clear descriptions were given of the suspects vehicle, and this information was broadcasted and circulated throughout the Monitor Net network.
Our area vehicle managed to pick-up the suspects vehicle as they try to escape.
Our Tactical units joined the high speed chase,and the suspects did not manage to evade our pursuit, as they damaged their vehicle after the high speed chase came to an abrupt stop in the Pretoria West area.
Officers managed to detain one suspect on scene,but unfortunately the second suspect managed to escape before being apprehended.
The suspect and vehicle was handed over to SAPS.
Thank you SAPS for assisting on scene.
Well done to all the Monitor Net officers that reacted swiftly,to ensure that another perpetrator will spend his days behind bars.

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