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Street robber nabbed

Street robberies” are on the increase. Monitor Net, on a very regular basis, receives reports of pedestrians being robbed of personal belongings, especially cellular phones and wallets.

Yesterday such a robbery, again occurred in The Reeds area, and it was reported that three males robbed a lady of her personal belongings.

The Community channels broadcasted the message and immediately Security service providers, as well as community members, we’re searching for the three suspects.
A Monitor Net response unit answered the call and spotted the three suspects that matched the description broadcasted.
A suspect was arrested and although his accomplices escaped, the stolen goods were found in his procession.
SAPS Wierdabrug received the suspect for the purpose of detention and further investigation.
Women, especially Domestic workers are targeted by groups of young males, robbing them of their personal belongings.
Please sensitize pedestrians not to display their cellular phones whilst walking in public places and to keep handbags secure.
Please sensitize women, if at all possible, not to walk alone and to be very aware of their surroundings.
Thank you to everybody that acknowledged the broadcast, and participated yesterday.

Once again, Centurion proved to be “not very criminal friendly!”


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