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Retail Security

Security and safety challenges in the retail environment require a level of specialisation and understanding.  While some parameters are the same, such essential 24/7/365 monitoring and response services, there are extremely unique demands - and our level of dedication and determination is why we have become leading edge in security services in this sector.

Monitor Net currently provide services to some of largest retailers with operations from Cape Town to Swaziland and Lesotho to Mozambique, Zambia and from Namibia up into sub-Sahara as far as Angola. The diversity of these environments has made us high adept at understanding and delivering the right security for every situation >

We offer a unique Retail Executive Desk - which is a specialised monitoring and command center dedicated to the response and security situations particular to the retail trade. With a realistic approach our innovation surpasses any competitor in practical and dynamic application.

The operators in this specialised center are trained to understand the different cues and behaviours in retail emergency situations so that they respond and dispatch support appropriately. They are trained to observe via CCTV behaviour that is out of the ordinary - so they can inform personal on the ground and prevent an incident.

We customise procedures to the needs of the retailer - so that security protects the sale environment, not prevents or hampers an experience or potential sale.

Our people are alert to the different alarms - from an intrusion alarm such as a break into a store room to a priority emergency alarm such as a cash office alarm being triggered. Situations such as "Vault Door Time Expired" or "Vault Risk" are situation triggers that demand different response protocols.

Risk alerts are part of an understood process. It's about understanding a potential problem, the process in case of an alarm signal and the right response. This is why we provide options such as:

Branch Manager time exceeded from onsite request to alarm opening signal

  • Multiple alarm zones activations
  • Priority alarm zone activations
  • Potential burglary report

Beyond the response of our teams and our people and our systems - all designed to protect and secure; providing information to retail businesses is a vital part of business operations.  This is why we alert people in the retail environment responsible. You want to know immediately if there is a situation which is why automated smart notifications notify the right people e.g.

Priority zone e.g. "Burglary Cash Office" notification goes to everyone

Specific zone or specific alarm type to different manager groups

Immediate "Positive Burglary" notification to senior management.

Prediction of problems can lead to prevention - which is why our reporting functionality is key to process of shared information and experience designed to assist Risk/Loss Control Managers use statistical information to understand patterns, identify threats and use 'event' reporting to create a more secure and safe retail environment.  We provide managers with basic daily, weekly or monthly reports that include all the data - especially in terms of an 'exceptional event'.

Besides saving on time, paper trails, filing and more, our electronic platform offers better control with immediate and up-to-date information readily available with added advantages such as:

  • Outlet's inspection success rating automated via e-mail report to the specific Branch Managers
  • All inspection failures or issues highlighted and e-mailed to the Branch Manager
  • Resolutions can be time-framed for speed of redress and fix.
  • Follow-up alert makes management easy - should the problem not be solved, LCM will be alerted timeously.

 All inspections records can be retrieved easily so any LCM can keep track of individual store reports and history of previous inspections at the click of a button.

For Senior Management, this provides immediate view inspection reports and rating directly after inspection report was submitted, provides alerts when Loss Control Managers fall behind schedule, and cues crucial intervention in case of an inspection not being performed within the time limit such as a 'positive burglary alert' going unaddressed.

Security functions and technical programming of alarm systems can be performed remotely in a secure, controlled and audited environment designed for simplicity in security functions, such as:

Double checking and overseeing alarm programming was done correctly.

Confirming "double-knock" and other features in the alarm menu are activated or not (as needs be)

Adding, deleting or changing alarm user codes for Branch Managers and key personnel

We can perform a full "panel log upload" to reflecting the alarm system's memory of the exact sequence of events that transpired in a specified timeframe without requiring a technical call-out to the store.

This gives the Branch Manager an easy to use secure platform to electronically put an alarm system on test for a specific period without having to speak to a command center operator.