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We see everything, always

Our Wireless Sensory AD system is a 24-hour detection device means we are always thinking, understanding and responding.

Products ideal for application

With decades of experience in security products and detection devices, our advice, equipment and service is all designed for maximum effectiveness, at the highest international standards. All our products are also designed to perfectly complimented and integrate with our armed response and tactical services

Alarm Systems >
  • International award winning systems
  • Range from 8 - 168 zones
  • Wired and Wireless
  • Smartphone APP control
  • Installed in accordance to SAIDSA specifications

Detection & Sensory >
  • Detection sensors above industry standard grade ensuring maximum effectiveness whilst avoiding false alarms
  • Indoor detection range
  • Outdoor detection range
  • Emergency buttons

MN Avara - Fly on the wall >
  • Handy camera solution
  • Built-in detection sensor and video intrusion alerts
  • WiFi / 3G fail safe
  • 2-Way voice
  • Check on employees, kids, and elderly anytime
  • Smartphone APP control
  • Battery backup

CCTV System - Analogue >
  • Affordable systems
  • 4 - 16 Channel system
  • Extended recording
  • Remote view accessible through smartphone, Tablet and PC

CCTV System - IP & Analytics >
  • Ultimate in CCTV surveillance platform
  • Software Analytics include;
    • Intrusion detection
    • Abnormal behavior
    • Suspicious behavior
    • Unattended objects
    • Crowd detection
    • People counting
    • Line counting
    • Access control
    • Point of Sale
    • License plate recognition
    • And more...

Tracking Devices >
  • Personal miniature tracker offers (depending on the unit);
    • From two days up to a month's tracking without external power
    • Panic button
    • Live audio listen in function
    • Call and communicate
    • Geo-fence alert
    • Low battery alert
    • Anytime location viewing on Smartphone APP
    • Last 1000 point tracking history

Light House System >
  • A well-lit premise is proven to be safer than a dark concealed premise
  • Ensure a fully lit environment for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Operates 10 hours without Eskom's mains power
  • Control lights via normal switch, remote or Smartphone APP

Remote Door Control >
  • Keys are often unsafe as they can easily be duplicated, get lost or left in the wrong hands without your knowledge or control
  • Besides our lock mechanism offering a higher security grade, our electronic door lock provides you with an encrypted platform whilst you are always in control
  • Door locks can be controlled via keypad, bio-metrics, remote and Smartphone APP

Safe Room >
  • It is that initial first seconds which counts in having a safe shelter in your home or office where no one can get to you
  • Our very affordable "Safe Room" solution is without any major construction and easily fitted within a day
  • The "Safe Room" is further complimented by a "Duress Tower" which, once in the safe room, immediately transmits a "Duress" signal to our control centre whilst a calm reassuring voice (hand free) will assist you during your need