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Monitor Net Birthday Celebration


We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year.
Yes, for a quarter of a century, we have been keeping people and property safe in the greater Centurion and Brits areas, with extraordinary success.

It’s no secret that criminals have devious minds and methods.

For the past two-and-a-half decades, we have made it our business to study the way criminals think, and to devise cutting-edge products and watchful strategies to counter their activities and keep you safe.

From our patented and award-winning, smart residential security products, including alarms, CCTV, mobile cameras and apps that link to our 24/7/365 monitoring and command centre, to our exceptionally highly-trained armed response teams and emergency medical service, we’ve kept you covered with assistance when you need us most.

ALERT. ATTENTIVE. SMART. SECURITY. Exactly what you expect, and what we promise to provide for the next 25 years and beyond.
Our humble thanks for your trust in us.

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