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Commercial Security

In any business environment, the safety of staff or valuable equipment is so important - so we have specialised solutions for individual businesses or larger operations. Continuous research and updated products means we can provide a variety of innovative solutions to our client base. Here is some of what you will need >

  • Visibility patrols
  • Street side cameras and analytics (depending on your scope of protection needs)
  • Off-site CCTV monitoring
  • 24-hour advanced integrated emergency control Centre
  • 24-hour stand-by technical assistance
  • Highly skilled reaction units
  • Armed response
  • Secure APP

As a Monitor Net client, you have access to this advanced Secure APP via your mobile phone - you can easily electronically request accounts, call-center, armed response queries or request a manager assistance and even schedule technical call-outs, all with reference numbers and an escalation process should an electronic request not be re-acted on within a pre-set time limit.

It gives you complete control over your alarm system so you can view alarm status and perform normal keypad functions as to arm, disarm, bypass and reset your alarm system remotely; switch your outside lights on or off.

You receive all alarm and status signals as well as own monitoring products alerts with individual pre-set sounds.

Use your mobile phone as the Panic Button which immediately alerts the Call Centre of your distress and your location which position is updated every 60 seconds.