NEWS | Successful weekend for the Monitor Net Team

Successful weekend for the Monitor Net Team

May 19 2020 By JP Le Roux

This past weekend was a fruitful one for the Monitor Net Reaction force... Three suspects were detained in the Centurion area and one suspect in the Brits area - for various crime related incidents.

On Sunday morning one of our clients in Lyttelton informed our Emergency Control Centre of intruders on their property. Our reaction unit responded, however, the suspects fled on foot when he arrived. Our reaction officer immediately called for backup and within minutes the suspects were surrounded and arrested by our Tactical unit. Four Takex outdoor perimeter sensors were recovered.

Upon further investigation, it was found that 3 premises had fallen victim by the two suspects. All owners were informed and cases have been opened. The suspects were taken by Lyttelton SAPS for further investigation.

Shortly afterwards, our Tactical Unit was informed by the community of a alleged suspect with possible stolen scrap metal. Our officers approached the suspect and after investigation by Lyttelton SAPS and our members, the suspect was detained and identified where he had stolen the goods.

Meanwhile, in the Brits area our reaction members detained a suspect whilst breaking in into one of our client's premises. The suspect caused severe damage to the building but did not manage to steal any items. Brits SAPS were swiftly on scene and arrested the suspect. SAPS will conduct further investigations.

We wish to thank all our members involved in the successful weekend for the Monitor Net team - always ready and willing to serve our communities.


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