Our Story

Established in 1994, we take to heart the principles of our national constitution and bill of rights in which the ideas of safety, social security and protection of our freedoms are entrenched. These are core principles in which we believe and strive to uphold.

We are recognised as one of the largest residential and commercial players in our region and also one of the major role players in the national retail sector.

As our organisation has grown - as has our commitment to service excellence - and in turn - our reputation as a trusted name in the community. Our company embraces anyone who thinks, acts and works with the same integrity and drive to create a sense of security and trust.

Our purpose to serve, to protect and to save.
We respect people. We respect law. We protect property. We value life most of all. To us, life and livelihood go hand in hand.



The heart of our business is based on four principals or pillars:

Passion for our industry and experiencing the difference we make

Commitment towards "service excellence" and providing our clients with unequal quality

Belief in well-trained staff and far-reaching yet practical procedure

Vision through "disruptive thinking." Challenging the competitive landscape of the security industry by delivering unexpected solutions