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Right Response First. No standard reaction. No over-reaction. The right reaction is about the right call. Our people are trained and our systems are geared for right call first, fast. We don't simply respond to alarm signals.  We respond to security situations - with the right reaction. Calls to alarm activations are instant. Trust our trained call & dispatch staff to be a calm voice - and quickly understanding. Our people know how to handle people in case of an emergency... and that is a skill that can make all the difference.




  • Alarm installations
  • CCTV installations
  • Maintenance 
  • Repairs


  • Alarm
  • CCTV - Visual alarm verification centre
  • Call center
  • Retail Monitoring


  • Armed
  • Tactical
  • EMS




Emergency Medical

Trained for right


We service everyone with pride. If you need security and systems for surveillance and safety in your home, for your business or for operations in the retail environment, simply give us a call. We'll be there in an instant to assess your needs and advise on the best systems to install, the most cost-effective options and happily encourage you to compare our costs and services. We are confident you won't find better.

Technical - Alarm and CCTV Installations

Our technical teams will install the products best suited to your needs for security in alarm and CCTV. Security is not only about intrusion triggers, but also about quality surveillance. Our teams follow the SAIDSA by-law 25 standards strictly, and guarantee flawless installation for unquestionable performance to meet the standards for insurance specifications and beyond for absolute peace-of-mind.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Your alarm and CCTV technology is an essential part of your security perimeter. It's about an always-up, always on and operating parameter that you depend on - so our stand-by personal and maintenance teams are always available, especially after-hours in case of a repair and to make sure equipment does not let anyone down.

CCTV Surveillance

The contemporary system enables security management to be as simple as an application on your mobile phone, laptop or pc or smart phone via which you can use to verify alarm activations, check on who in the house before you come home or enter the front door.  CCTV provides camera analytics and numerous features like Access Control, Point of Sale, License Plate Recognition, People Counting, and Crowd Alerting.

24/7/365 Command Center

All alarm and CCTV signals are received by highly trained and alert personal at our command central - a state-of-the-art technical center where hardware, software, systems, and design protocol is engineered to ensure instant alert, immediate and appropriate response - from alarm activations signally intrusion to surveillance systems that are pro-active and designed to cue reaction to prevent incidents, our Command Centre is the heart of delivering the right level of response to the scale of the situation. No standard reaction. No over-reaction. The right reaction is about the right call.   We have everything our system needs to stand-alone regardless of power-outages or other breakdowns. Let's just say that in our business being prepared for an emergency or the unexpected is exactly what we're always prepared for. No excuses.

Armed Response

With extensive training that include unarmed combat, knife techniques, tactical weapons, hostage negotiator, anti-hijack techniques and more, our unmatched S.T.O.P (Specialized Tactical Operations Personnel) unit's main function is to assist our clients and fellow officers with any high risk or volatile situation. Besides this unit's rigorous training standards, they are also equipped with the latest in-vehicle technology that enables them to assist our mobile APP clients in distress situations to their GPS location.

Armed Reaction Protocol

Our people are trained and equipped - and our fleet of vehicles are exceptionally maintained. Our area of excellence in terms of suburbia and size means that our reaction is not the 'feel good' of just a presence from a logo.  It's real people. Right there. It's why we have become known as a reliable safety net.   Careful on the road. Responsible in reaction. Calm in control of an emergency. Right there - when and where you need us.

Emergency Medical Services

Knowing crime is associated with injuries and our client's well-being our first priority, we introduced our own medical emergency vehicle as part of the S.T.O.P team. This medical vehicle with its medically qualified personnel is equipped with all required and essential life-saving tools.