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We say we are alert, attentive, smart, responsive security - and we are - because our solutions are realistic.  Practical experience and technology is combined with a focus on the right reaction; in real time; to ensure that our response to your situation is spot on. The Monitor Net Secure Mobile App is a patented one-of-a-kind. Literally nothing beats it. Currently, it is the most secure platform in the security industry that has all the following features combined and integration into one platform.

It is fully functional whether you use iOS or Android - and it turns your mobile phone into an early warning system that will ping you with up-to-the minute crime and problem 'hot spots' information.

In the case of a emergency, it will make your mobile phone into an instant SOS device. At the press of a button; we will send support services to your aid - with pin-point accuracy because it is a GPS active alert 'call' for help. Our response center will communicate with our teams whilst on-route, using in-vehicle technology - so we will be right there where you need us, fully prepared, fast.

As an app dedicated to Monitor Net clients - you can also use it to electronically log queries or even schedule technical call-outs - all with reference numbers.

Limited free access to the app is aimed at improving security in the local community with security news and safety tips, look outs and crime stats.

  • Protect yourself when you have left the safety of your home?
  • Simply press the panic button on our SOS APP and a tactical team will be dispatched to come to your aid wherever you are - be it traveling home from the office or out shopping.
  • In a medical emergency, simply request medical assistance on our SOS APP
  • Our qualified EMS team will be immediately alerted to your location
  • A medical officer will provide telephonic assistance until our team arrive on site

On those occasions when you're uneasy not knowing where the children or your spouse are - the "Track Dependent" feature on the EASC APP allows you to effortlessly see the whereabouts of our loved one's phone without contacting them.

Our small, portable tracking device allows you to locate valuable "outdoor equipment" such as caravans, quad bikes, boats, motorcycles, bicycles.

Doubting whether you armed your security system or not? Effortlessly view your alarm system's status and arm, disarm or bypass the system remotely with our EASC APP

Wish you could be a fly on the wall and know exactly what's happening at home or office? Our latest visual verification system is an affordable, yet essential tool, allowing you to see what the kids, staff or granny is up to at any time. Or in more serious events verify intrusion after an alarm alert.

Eliminate the need to rush home or leave a key for someone to open the house - simply open and lock your door using our EASC APP

Activate outside flood lights remotely before arriving home in the dark

Automated notification of alarm activations with the benefit of cancelling the response unit for an accidental activation.

10 seconds video clips or live video stream views to visually verify alarm activations.