NEWS | Centurion Mean Crime Fighting Team does it again

Centurion Mean Crime Fighting Team does it again

August 22 2019 By JP Le Roux

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can."

-- "Nikos Kazantzakis

"And the Centurion Mean Crime Fighting team does, in fact, know we CAN!!! "

Three suspects in custody at SAPS Wierdabrug, and Thursday the 15th of August 2019 was not a good day to play "crooks and cops" in the Monitor Net Reaction areas.
• After receiving a report of a suspicious man at the Wierda Park shopping Centre, Community members and Security service providers did what they do best, ......... they RESPONDED!

The information was received via the Centurion Concerned Citizens Zello channels, and a suspect was arrested, and an unlicensed firearm and ammunition were seized.

The suspect and the mentioned exhibits were handed to the officials of SAPS Wierdabrug and he is currently in detention at the said station. It unclear at this stage what the suspect's intentions were with the firearm.

• The Wierdabrug Sector 2 Community Police Forum members, assisted by Monitor Net, arrested two suspects after two victims were robbed of their cellular phones and personal belongings in an open field in The Reeds. Community members again played a vital role in the arrests, and the suspects were handed to officials of SAPS Wierdabrug for detention. A fake firearm was seized from the suspects and this exhibit was also handed to the SAPS officials for the purpose of the investigation.

A HUGE Monitor Net SALUTE, to our Community members, who so selflessly fight crime and once again, illustrate commitment, passion, and dedication towards the prevention of crime.
We are so blessed, being able to be part of this amazing Community.
The Monitor Net team.

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