Geared for electronic and physical security

Geared for electronic and physical security


  • Receive latest Look-outs, Safety Tips and more,
  • Receive alarm activations and status reports,
  • Send a Panic or Medical with your current location,
  • Arm and Disarm your alarm remotely,
  • Switch on lights, open gates...

Geared for electronic and physical security

Geared for electronic and physical security


  • Make sure your kids arrive home safely,
  • Ensure your safety before accessing your premise,
  • Check on your nanny or domestic worker,
  • View employee performance when your out,
  • Verify alarms after an activation

Geared for electronic and physical security

Geared for electronic and physical security


  • PSIRA accreditation,
  • 4 Level SAIDSA accreditation,
    • Installation, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV Monitoring and Armed Response
  • SASSETA training facility accreditation.

Geared for electronic and physical security

Geared for electronic and physical security


  • Upholding personalized service (since 1995),
  • Best trained personnel,
  • Most number of armed response vehicles,
  • Best and most effective response times,
  • The highest arrest figure (year-on-year)

    Armed Response Service

    Although Monitor Net provides response services throughout the country, Monitor Net's own response division (which is dedicated to Centurion, Brits and surrounding areas) is the MOST ADVANCED, BEST EQUIPPED and BEST TRAINED, response division in South Africa.

    Two international news agencies, BBC (in 2005) and CHANNEL 7 (in 2010) documented combat and weapons training in South Africa and after a brief demo both instances rated Monitor Net's  response division as the best trained "response officers" ever seen.

    24 Hour "real time" GPS tracking

    As the Dispatch Centre's main function is to manage and dispatch vehicles to a scene our GPS tracking unit per response vehicle greatly assists the dispatcher who ensures that response vehicles are evenly distributed in the global response area. This technology also creates faster responses as the closest vehicle to the clients' premise is dispatched in an emergency and in addition could guide the response vehicle to the specific premise with a few meters accuracy.

    Vehicle equipment

    All response vehicles are fitted with above standard safety equipment to assist the response officers in their duties.

    Other equipment (not displayed) includes pepper gas with its neutralizer, extra hand cuff sets and other in-vehicle protection systems. All equipment is installed with safety features onto its brackets.


    Navigation (Text & Route)


    Medical Bag (MFA)


    2 Way Voice Radio


    Fold-Up stepladder


    Protter (Shock Stick)


    Fire Extinguisher


    Rechargeable Torch


    Response officer standard kit

    Besides vehicle equipment, our response officers are geared to the tee with high quality and necessary equipment that enables them to perform their tasks effectively and professionally.

    Response officer gear, include;

    • Proper combat uniform,
    • Bullet proof vest (level 3/4),
    • Knife,
    • Glock22 or Vektor SP-2 Hand gun,
    • Handcuffs,
    • And other protection equipment.
    Response officer training

    With the seriousness of crime and our responsibility towards our clients as well as our response officers, it is fundamentally important that we constantly engage in keeping track with crime and counter such crime with military precision. Our consistent AND "level" of training has not been seen in the security industry before, to such an extent that we outperform government institutions which are in similar environments.

    Our standard training includes;

    • Physical fitness,
    • Mental fitness,
    • Proper handling of all response equipment (Including OC Gas and Protter)
    • Unarmed combat (Hand to hand combat),
    • Arresting techniques,
    • Premise approach techniques,
    • Government legislation,
    • MFA (Medical First Aid) course,

    All training facets are instructed by highly accredited institutions with most facets internationally approved.